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Executive Summary

                    Technology Focus

1.      An Overview Of Information Security.

2.      An Introduction to Network Security.

2.1.                       Why Network Security?

2.2.                       What Network Security deals with?

3.      Network Vulnerability.

3.1.                       Common Protocol Vulnerabilities.

3.2.                       Common Network Attacks.

3.3.                       Network Scanning.

4.      Safe Guarding the Network.

5.      An Introduction to Firewalls.

5.1.                       What are firewalls?

5.2.                       Why Firewalls?

5.3.                       What they protect the network from?

5.4.                       Situations where firewalls fail.

6.      Types Of Firewalls.

6.1.                       Packet Filters.

6.2.                       Stateful Inspection.

6.3.                       Proxy Servers.

6.3.1.     Circuit Level Gateways.

6.3.2.     Application Level Gateways.

7.      Firewall Architectures.

7.1.                       Dual Homed.

7.2.                       Screened Host.

7.3.                       Screened Subnet.

8.      Virtual Private Networks

8.1.                       What are VPNs?

8.2.                       Technology Overview.

8.3.                       Why do they feature in this dissertation?

8.4.                       Checkpoint Firewall 1and VPNs.

9.      Issues Related to Firewalls

10. The Policy Framework.

11. Implementation Of a network On NT and firewalls

11.1.                   Deerfield Personal desktop firewall

11.2.                   Son Firewall from Symantec

Business Focus

12. The Firewall Market Worldwide.

12.1.                   Major players.

12.2.                   Market share.

13. Comparison of the major products available.

14. Selection criterion for Firewalls.

14.1.                   Case Wise analysis and suggestions.

15. Managed and In house Security options.


                                                             Table Of Figures

 1.                  Information Types Exploded.

2.                  Isolated Islands Of Information.

3.                  Individual Networks Connected to the Internet hence sharing resources and data

4.                  Statistics of New vulnerabilities discovered plotted against months

5.                  Hacker Trends

6.                  Network File System (NFS)

7.                  Ping Flooding

8.                  Smurf attack

9.                  Syn Flooding

10.             ARP Cache Poisoning

11.             Network Scanner Positioning

12.             Information Security Model

13.             Analogy Of Network Security with the security of ancient castles

14.             Elements Of a firewall system

15.             Operation of a packet filtering Firewall

16.             Operation of a Stateful Inspection Firewall

17.             Operation of an application Proxy Server

18.             Operation of a Proxy Server

19.             Dual Homed Architecture of firewall Connection

20.             Screened Host Architecture of firewall Connection

21.             Screened Subnet Architecture of firewall Connection

22.             VPN System Basics

23.             VPN Operation

24.             Firewall Systems and NAT

25.             Mapping Of IP Address

26.             Administration Of Several Firewall Systems

27.             Nested Firewall Configurations

28.             Typical Corporate Networks connection to the external world

29.             Experimental setup that was performed

30.             Main Window of Deerfield firewall

31.             Firewalls tab of Deerfield firewall

32.             Application tab of Deerfield firewall

33.             Server manager Of Sygate Office network

34.             Sygate Personal Firewall Application Tab

35.             Configuration manager Of Sygate Office network

36.             Market Shares of firewalls



1.      Bibliography.

2.      Websites referred.

3.      Commercial Listing of Products.

4.      Detailed list of Some Major Products.

5.      Glossary.

6.      Vita.   

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