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                                                  Mahindra Consulting ltd.


               Mahindra Consulting Ltd is an independent subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra ltd. Its is one of the 3 companies that operate in the Information technology field under the flagship of Mahindra and Mahindra. The other two being Mahindra British Telecom (MBT), and  Mahindra Logisoft. Mahindra Consulting Ltd is an enterprise solutions provider and its ambit of services extends from ERP, CRM and SCM to Information Security. Mahindra Consulting is a global provider of customized, scalable enterprise and e-business solutions to leading industry verticals, including process and discrete manufacturing, retail, distribution and e-marketplaces. Their value chain management solutions provide seamless integration of the processes within the various components of an end-to-end value chain.


               Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Mahindra Consulting has a global foot print with locations in the United States, United Kingdom and India with upcoming European and Asian expansion


               The Special Services Group of Mahindra Consulting Ltd. under the able leadership of Mr. Gajendra Singh, is the department dealing independently with Information security. 




               Security vulnerabilities, incidents and malicious code have grown at a pace equivalent or in excess of the general growth in technology. From the first Internet Worm (called Morris) in 1988, we now have at least 75,000 worms, viruses and other types of malicious code. According to Computer Economics damage associated with malicious code reached $17.1 Billion USD in 2000. The largely unchanged foundation for these vulnerabilities indicates a continuing upward trend in damage for the foreseeable future.

                    A recent KPMG  survey found that 17 percent of the Indian companies surveyed had experienced some kind of security breach, including system crash, website defacement and virus attacks. Publicly released computer security vulnerabilities more than doubled in the last year, with 1,090 separate holes reported in 2000, and 2,437 reported in 2001.  Following the same trends, the number of reported incidents also drastically increased with 21,756 documented in 2000 and 52,658 in 2002.

               As the B2B E-Commerce market explodes, so will the security community, in fact it is already occurring. After all, businesses and consumers will only take advantage of Web-enabled transactions if trust, integrity, availability and non-repudiation can be assured.

                        "Awareness of network security is spreading like wild fire. It   is being addressed as the top priority in enterprises." Enterprises are waking up to the reality of loopholes in their security policies, the Gartner Group predicts worldwide information security market to reach $13.1 billion by the end 2001.

                                                    Executive Summary

               An executive summary to field of network security would be a rather difficult thing to present. However here we have tried to summarize and present in brief an overview of the Project as a whole.

               This Project was taken up at Mahindra Consulting Ltd, Mumbai Office under the team of Mr. Gajendra Singh, Head, Special Services Group. The Objectives laid before us are listed as follows:


]     To have an overview of Network security as a whole and the aspects it encompasses.

]     To Study Firewalls and understand their working.

]     To Study and implement Security using firewalls in Windows NT environment.

]     To collect data about the Firewalls available in the market.

]     Present an analysis of Selection Of firewalls.

]     To analyze the various options of implementing firewalls available to companies.


               The project was carried out in a very systematic and clear manner with the complete work having been divided into stages and targets assigned to each stage. First of all we studied the concepts of network security and the issues involved. After this we went on to get an in depth knowledge of Firewalls their history, how they developed, their types, architectures and working. After having gained enough knowledge to be able to discern into the intricacies of features that a firewall possesses we went on to collect data about the commercially available firewalls and then prepared a detailed list of the features of some of the popular firewalls, using this list we went on to compare the Most used firewalls and present a case wise analysis of the kind of firewalls that certain types of organizations must deploy. Then made an analysis into the managed and in house firewall possibilities for companies.

               Into the Implementation part the process started with the setting up of a network and then continued to linking up this network with the external world and installing firewalls to safeguard it. We also tried to attack this network with some common hacking tools available.


               In conclusion to this project we would like to emphasize that there is no security system that is totally fool proof and network security is an ongoing process which requires constant attention and care without which, in this constantly improvising world the presently employed security measures may become obsolete.

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