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Chapter 1    An Overview Of Information Security




                In the most well defined terms Information is said to be a well-ordered collection of data that has been ordered to suit specific ends. The information that is collected is of utility if it is available to the right person at the right time. Information may be of little or great importance but every bit of information that is stored is liable to be infiltrated. Information that is usually stored in an organizations database may be of one of the following types :


1.            Public Domain Information.

2.            Company Internal Information.

3.            Company Confidential Information.

4.            Client Confidential Information.

5.            Critical information.


               Information that is to be made available to the general public is the information that requires minimum security, nonetheless it is still liable to be masqueraded and hence does require some amount of protection. This information may be The website of the company or the information that the PR team of the company is willing to make Public in order to gain Publicity. This information is available to the Universe in general.


               Company Internal Information is the next higher level of Security that is warranted, This information generally is meant to be available to the internal people of the organization this information too is classified and compartmentalized into access levels and hence needs to have the most discreet of access control measures for people inside the organization.



               Company Confidential Information is the next higher level in the security ladder. This information usually consists of information related to the smooth running and the future plans of the company, it may be the kind of information relating to stocks or relating to the R&D work being carried on in the organization, the financial status etc. It is the information that is available to a very few people in the company, like the top management and the owners etc.


               Client Confidential information is the kind of information that is of utmost importance to the company in order to have the faith and trust of their clients. This is usually the information that the client provides the customers with under the oath of secrecy and confidentiality which if broken can have extremely serious consequences to the business. Hence this is the kind of information that will be of great value to competitors and has to be guarded with life.


               Critical Information is formed by parts of both company confidential and client confidential information along with some other information such as tax plans etc. This the most delicate part of all the information that a company deals with and has to be guarded with the utmost care.


               The percentages of the kinds of different forms of information in the organization are characterized by the Pie Chart shown below.





Information Security



               Information security is the field of securing the information that an organization possesses and making it available to only the right users at the right time. Information security is a holistic approach toward securing the information. It does not deal only with the security of information in digital form but also the general breach of trust and leak of confidential information. This may be in the general form as of people giving out information verbally and in the form of breach of paper communication, which is expected to be confidential. People may also hand over vital information in casual discussions etc. Securing the digital information is one of the aspects of information security which deals with providing restricted and need based access to information to people. The next major aspect of this digital security is that which evolves out of the sharing of information, and resources by people by constituting them into networks, and we meet face to face with the new term of network security, which becomes more and more demanding with the continuously burgeoning internet. Adding fuel to the already raging fire of networking and internetworking, is the way the internet has developed into a great source of data and even business.


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