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Amit's Life as in How, Where and When, What happened




A bit About the person

                 Born on the 25th day of September 1979, I am a Libran to the core. Although often mistaken as a cusp between Libra and Virgo, I have always considered and noticed myself to be a Libran. A religious person with an unwavering and extremely strong faith in God, and by his grace I have been endowed with an extremely rich cultural and ethically strong values which stem from the kind of Upbringing that I have received from my family. 




Amit  Is Born

                As life had it I was not born anywhere close to where I actually belong to, (i.e. Alwar Distt in Rajasthan.) I was born at Trivandrum the Capital of Kerala, now known as Tiruvananthpuram. A few days after my birth I lost my Paternal Grandmother and our Family shifted to Cochin, the land of Backwaters. I have my first memories of that very blissful place where I spent the first 7 years of my life. The earliest memories of my life include Those of TOC-H Public School, The first School that I enrolled into and studied in till Standard 3rd. The most vivid of memories include wading through lakes to collect lilies and then getting whacked by Ma for having done so, making clay toys, trying to catch fish, having hit a passing car with a stone, climbing and hanging on Guava trees in the house, Playing lots and lots, learning how to ride a bicycle, Seeing some sort of an Air show somehow at the Naval  Base, Playing with Bows and arrows at Papa's friend, Balsubramanyam Uncles Place; Going to children's park and riding  toy scooters and jeeps out there. Vely and boating ,Waiting in the car for ma and papa to come back( they used to leave me and didi in the car and go to shop), trying to persuade ma and papa to let us keep the street pup that we had brought home and  trying to make it eat. The cats that had a litter in our house, playing with kittens etc and lots and lots of other memories that rush back to my mind whenever I think of those days. Memories of cats and dogs and tortoises and snakes of hens and cocks of  Narayan uncle His Onam treat and paysam and that of some kind of a Mango Juice factory close to home. A brief stay at the Hospital for being down with Septicemia. Those are the things I recollect and are about the first memories I have about my existence. Another major thing I remember is that Didi always getting Badges for holding Ranks in class and being the monitor and all the goddiee things, and me managing to get just a better performance Badge at the best, but that was always the case she was always much better at Studies could never deny that fact.


            After 7 years in Cochin Papa was transferred back to Trivandrum and we shifted back there. An year at Trivandrum and standard 4th in Arya Central Public School out there. Memories Include Rushing down the slope( On which our home was situated) on a cycle and falling off it. Getting ATS injections again and again. Going to Rajeev Mausaji's house going to the Beach enjoying for hours together out there. Nitin and Sasi Kumar uncle's place, Raman uncle's house. Not much that I can recollect of the life In Trivandrum coz we had a short stint there. Then came a time when Papa decided to Quit Keltron and Join Uptron lots and lots of Packing followed and finally we shifted to lucknow.


            Two years at Lucknow a very memorably bad period of life for the entire Family be it anyone. In Short if I have to explain it, it was a disaster period during which none of us was actually OK, A phase of life that I too who was in 5th and 6th standard then remembers as one of the darkest phases for the family. Not going in much detail the highlights at least for my life there were a fractured hand and then a foot, Severe Sinusitis, extremely bad performance in School. The only really good things to have in memory is Mathur uncle's Place and Amit. We used to go there often and enjoy, I celebrated 2 birthdays with them at a picnic spot close by. I am adding the photos here for the time being




              Teenage started at Ghaziabad the place where my family is still situated. My life at Ghaziabad started off with a bout of Jaundice which I had contracted from Lucknow itself it seems. Two months of supposed