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Photo Page


Amits Life In Brief


            This Page is a collection of Photos to recall the best of my life Hope you will enjoy seeing the snaps.


First of all I would  like to present before you Ma and Papa as they were when they were in the prime of their life.

Papa in his youth


Ma in her youth




This link here gives you a view of their Marriage.

Ma and Papa's Wedding




Now lets have a look at how I and didi looked when we were Kids these Photos are of the time when we were in Cochin.

Amit and Didi in Cochin 1


Amit and Didi in Cochin 2




The gang when i was in 10th

All of us so young


Now lets see the gang of we brothers Missing here are Rahul bhaiya the eldest of us all and Harsh Bhaiya.




The link here now shows you all the sisters in the family who are to be married

Sisters in the Family still to be married


Dearest sisters with their Kid seen here

Didis' with Chakshu and Aditi


Ma and Papa With Sitharaman Uncle and Aunty.

Sitharaman uncle


Rahul Jijaji And Geetika didi.

Geetika didi


Swapna didi and Jijaji

Swapna didi


Baba with Mamaji and the youngest member of our generation LOKESH



Ma and didi on tour in Rajasthan

Ma and didi


Ma and didi On diwali.



ME with Jiju



School Days

Yorks Restaurant CP Delhi


Moving on to College days in Chikmagalur



The Gang Off to Kemangundi at 2 in the Night



Out trekking

Holding a Kid


Out on the hill behind the Hostel

Climbing Hills


Holi At Chikmagalur.



Taking life easy and enjoying

Life was fun


Anuradha and Kalpana

New year Together





Farewell evening at ramkrishna




Amits Life In Brief