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So you Finally Caught up with Amit


Welcome to Amits personal Page Hope you enjoy your tour through my life


                This is my own very personal website. Now that you are here it does seem that you would like to know about me. There is lots in life to remember but certain things that have always taken precedence over others and here too I try to put in as much about myself as possible. 

                 In this site I try to familiarize you first with myself and then with some of the most important people in my life. First and most important of all My Family. The people responsible for my existence Ma and Papa, and the person who helped them all through to mould me into what I am today My Sis Monica. Then I shall try to put in a few friends who have made a difference in my life over the years and whom i shall never be able to forget. I have also tried to capture as much as possible in Photographs that try to bring the moments back to life.   


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Amits Life In Brief,

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